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ancient healer

within you.

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You are a Healer. 

A medicine woman.

A way shower.

A wisdom keeper of the Earth.

In everything you do, you seek to walk in Truth.

Your life is in service to honoring your holy body and Mother Earth.

You see the sacred in every living being.

You believe deep soul freedom and abundance is your birthright.

You honor the ancient ways of our ancestors and wise women who have walked before us.

You desire to bring your feminine wisdom fully into light

But as healers we sometimes are not fully IN our bodies.

This can happen due to the ways we have numbed ourselves from pain and traumas that got us disconnected from our bodies, and the core of who we are.

We carry within our wombs our fears, pain, ancestral traumas, beliefs, and armor.

These energies can veil the truth of who we are…

Our wild holy nature,

Our God-self

Our multidimensional existence

Our connection to the stars and ALL of life

The LOVE that we are.

It all gets in the way of us fully accessing our gifts ,and it hinders us from creating change within and healing our beloved Earth.

These energies might look like…

  • Sensing a well of untapped gifts and untapped potential, but not sure how to fully access them
  • Fear stepping into your soul desire as a healer.
  • You know deep in your bones that your calling is greater than how you’re currently showing up
  • You know something is holding you back, but you haven’t been able to get to the root of it yet
  • Desire to be seen but experience fear of being visible. So you keep staying small.
  • Feeling you don’t belong, and feel disconnected from Source, your inherent abundance and unsure how to access your sacred feminine wisdom.
  • Knowing that that there is wisdom in pain but unable to experience healing and insight in it

As a Multidimensional Medicine Woman who has walked this path as yours, I see you. I’ve been there.

In all ways. In numbing. In hiding. In disassociating from my body, in hellish heartbreaks, in armoring. In the dark places that took me deep in the shadowlands of my life.

I’m here to say, You are not alone love.

And when we make the descent into the underworld with skill and mastery, and with the same devotional love, as the sun does to the Earth, we turn these dark places to golden light. This is Sacred alchemy. The alchemy of gold.

I work with healers who are already on the spiritual path, and women who are brave enough to be a full body YES to the call of their wild nature within.

I help you go farther than you have been able to go alone.

We healers are here to rise up and reclaim our power as medicine to this earth.

The place we must begin and return to again and again is the healing within ourselves.

And as we move through the layers that prevent us from showing up and giving our hearts and gifts fully, we are more able to fulfill our sacred paths and remember the LOVE that we are, deeply heal our own wounds and bring light to the suffering of this world.

If you are deeply committed to walking in truth, I am with you.

Together, we will journey to all the places that hold you back from expanding into your multidimensional power, reclaiming your whole self, so you can fully access your gifts and be a force of healing love to our Earth.

And Remember who you are.

In service to LOVE.

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