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ancient healer

within you.

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You are a healer.  

In everything you do, you seek to walk in Truth.

As healers, we are humans too, though.

We bring to this life our ancestral “baggage” and our fears, pain, traumas, beliefs, and armor.

These things veil the truth of our multidimensional existence and get in the way of us fully accessing our gifts and healing our world.

This might look like…

  • Sensing a well of untapped gifts and untapped potential, but not sure how to fully step into them
  • Feeling like your calling to make a contribution is greater than how you’re currently showing up
  • Knowing that there’s something holding you back, but you haven’t been able to get to the root of it yet
  • Being connected to your gifts, and feeling some connection with your guides but unsure
    how to work with them;

As a Multidimensional Medicine Woman, I work with healers who are already on the spiritual path, and emerging healers who are brave enough to say YES to the call within. I help you go farther than you have been able to go alone.

We healers are here to rise up and reclaim our power as medicine to this earth.

The place we must begin and return to again and again is the healing within ourselves. And as we move through the layers that prevent us from showing up and giving our gifts fully, we are more able to fulfill our calling, heal our ancestral trauma, and in healing our own wounds bring light to the suffering of this world

If you are deeply committed to walking in Truth, I am with you. 

Together, we will work through whatever holds you back from expanding into your multidimensional power, so you can fully access your gifts and heal our world.

It is time for us to REMEMBER WHO WE ARE and to step into our multidimensional power.  

For ourselves, for all of life, for our children, and for our children’s children.

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