✨✨  From my heart to yours ✨✨

Hi loves,

I am Eia, an ever evolving divine woman, always surrendering, reclaiming, rebirthing and remembering myself back to Source LOVE.

A frequent deep diver into the void and the underworld~ to heal and reclaim my whole self over and over again. Weaving magic and ancient feminine wisdom into my daily existence.

I am a multidimensional medicine woman/ Ancient priestess healer, who is in deep service and devoted to our Mother Earth.

A student to the mystery of the multiverse worlds and my human experience.

I am also a Magdalena.

I believe in living bravely, feeling deeply, seeing truth through the eyes of Great Spirit and loving with a pure heart. I’m here to help humanity change our relationship to pain, where we receive it as medicine for us to wake us up from our deep slumber of disconnection from the Divine and reclaim our freedom within our bodies and our sovereign selves,

Return to our luminous essence, And remember our connection to the Sacred.

So together, we can heal the suffering of our Mother Earth.

I support spiritual leaders, healers, emerging healers ACTIVATE their multidimensional healing gifts and channeling abilities and their unique blueprint as a healer so that they can rise up, break free from the shackles that hold them back from fully expressing, stepping into and allowing their healing gifts and bright light to shine, so they can come out of hiding and reclaim their power as Medicine to this Earth.

Deep bow beloveds.

And welcome to this Temple space.

About Eia 

Eia (Mary Elaine) Buenconsejo is a multidimensional medicine woman – a seer, visionary, truth holder, wholeness energy healer and wholistic physical therapist – who has been practicing for over 20 years. She is passionate about helping people change their relationship to pain and disconnection, and experience deep soul healing by uncovering the root cause and activating rapid transformational healing from within.

Born with psychic gifts, abilities, and a deep rooted connection with the natural magical world we live in, Eia has been using these abilities for two decades to help individuals experience healing at a cellular and soul level.

With over 22,000 healing sessions completed, she has become one of the most sought-after wholistic physical therapists and healers in NYC, including seeing the the Who’s Who of actors, athletes, politicians, CEOs, and other influential leaders. Early 2019, she answered the call of Spirit to go ALL IN. So she closed her private physical therapy practice in Manhattan, sold her apartment in Brooklyn, got a divorce and moved to her country home and moved to the country to fully commit to supporting healers heal their deepest trauma in this lifetime and beyond, so that they can step into their multidimensional power, fully access their gifts and heal others. 

Incorporating ancient  energy healing systems and her unique RA Illuminare Multidimentional Healing modality, Eia brings individuals back to a sense of wholeness, awakening their soul’s blueprint and subtle energy system in order to remember, repair, align, restructure and repattern the soul body to heal and awaken.

Eia is also a speaker, her message sounding an urgent clarion call for us ALL to Awaken The Ancient Healer Within — for ourselves, for the planet, and for our children’s children. Her talks encourage courageous exploration of our pain, shadows, and disconnection so we remember who we are and our deep connection to Mother Earth, each other, and to ALL sacred living beings. 

She believes that we ALL have the ability to heal ourselves and that there is a more loving and compassionate way to relate to pain (be it physical, emotional, or spiritual) that isn’t the terrible way we think it is — a way that transforms it into the exact medicine, teacher and catalyst we are needing at this exact time, awakening the healer within.

Eia is also a yogi, shamanic practitioner, dancer, a divine channel, mystic, deep meditator, vegan, and lover of Mother Earth and ALL of life. She is a steward of sacred magical land in upstate New York and holds transformational private healing immersions and retreats at her Sacred Earth Healing & Retreat Center.