Are you ready to let go of feeling stuck, heal ancestral pain and trauma and awaken the healer within?

Are you ready to fully access your divine gifts and abilities so that you can heal your pain as well as healing the pain of others?

Are you ready to be part of a powerful and sacred sisterhood of women so that you can heal sisterhood wounds, experience what it feels like to have love and support in your life?

Are you ready to heal ancestral trauma so that you can free yourself and your whole lineage and break generational patterns for the highest good of all?

Are you ready to expand your psychic & multidimensional healing abilities and work with your spirit guides and our ascended masters so that you can serve others and our Earth from a deep level of aligned spiritual connection & thrive in your life?

Are you truly ready to access all of your divine feminine womb wisdom so that you can live a sovereign life of power, joy and abundance that is your birthright?

Well then I am so glad you are here!

I am delighted to announce that the ANIMA ILLUMINARE MYSTERY SCHOOL™   is now open for its fourth term of enrollment, and you are invited!


The time to open ourselves to the portals that we traverse, and realize that we are multidimensional beings in this beautiful human body~
AND come home to our whole hearts ♥️!

ENROLLMENT CLOSES December 15 th and 11:11 pm EST.

Do you feel the stirrings in your soul?

I can’t tell you in words how excited I am to finally share my whole world with you. The magic. The mystery, the ancient teachings!

What’s covered during our time together in the ANIMA ILLUMINARE MYSTERY SCHOOL are teachings channeled by pachamama, my spirit allies, the Divine wise woman within, my spirit allies, light beings and Ascended Masters that are part of my family of light.

 The ANIMA ILLUMINARE MYSTERY SCHOOL™ was born in 2019 although I have been training for it my whole life, meeting all that came my way as Medicine to heal me, awaken me to truth and this sacred human life here on Earth. The whole intention of this program is to illuminate your soul; AND the darkness within~ as holy, sacred parts of our nature in the path to wholeness and freedom.

Until we honor our pain, our experiences, AND our sovereign bodies, we stay trapped in the holograms of fear, division, separate from our innate power and our connection to Source.

This journey is a revolutionary’s path to illumination. Darkness to light. Reclaiming your holy fire, your multidimensional healing gifts, the power of the medicine woman within you. The gifts within our sacred vessel.

This is a deep path to healing within.

Eyes inward. A powerful deep dive into the depths of your womb that carry your gifts and your wounds .

You are here to break trauma bonds.

You are here to unearth your unique blueprint as a medicine woman.

Be an integral part of the Earth’s awakening 

It is so much fun and easier to do this deep work, with our spirit guides, and in sacred sisterhood.

So let me start by introducing myself:

I am Eia, a multidimensional medicine woman, a psychic medium, Oracle, wholistic physical therapist, and a wholeness energy healer. 

I am a single mom to the sweetest gorgeous 4 year old boy ever and a mama to 5 rescue animals. 2 horses, 2 dogs and a cat in sacred land tucked away in the woods in the middle of nowhere, with my beautiful creek and my Mongolian yurt: ✨SKY TEMPLE ✨where I drum and sing and hold ceremonies.

I believe that as women, we are healers: it is our birthright! It is also our birthright to thrive in love, money, relationships, BEing & doing what completely moves us and living free and authentically.

I have created the Mystery School to facilitate this for women around the world! When we decide to heal deeply, we alchemize the generations of pain and trauma that have held us back and fully step into our Divine powerful selves.

I’ve been part of this transformation countless times, reclaimed myself over and over again and it is my mission to welcome more women to do the same.

One of my gifts as a psychic Oracle is to see amidst the layers, the magic that lies within you, and also the trauma/ armors that hold you back, bringing it to light so you can heal and unearth your potent medicine and your Sovereign Self.

I have supported graduates of the ANIMA ILLUMINARE MYSTERY SCHOOL to:

✨break generational patterns of pain and trauma

✨experience sacred heart ~womb healings so that they shine their own bright light in the world

✨activate dormant healing abilities within themselves

✨uplevel their psychic and channeling abilities

✨step fully into their power as a Medicine woman so that they can heal others and be a significant part of our collective healing and return to Oneness.

And live abundantly in all aspects of their lives, accessing the capacity of their sacred heart.

And I’m so ready to help you do the same!


I care so deeply about everyone coming into my space, and would love to support you in making this aligned decision. If you have questions or doubts, please book your awaken your inner healer call with me and let’s chat about it:

Want to know what people are saying about the Anima Iluminaire Mystery School?

“I remember thinking to myself ‘something is about to change for me’… and OMG it did!

I’ve never had anyone to confirm what was going on with me, or make sense of it, or show me how I enhance it and control it and make use of it before.

My goodness, it has genuinely been a gamechanger for me. One thing has lead to another and I have just blossomed and I’m continuing to grow and expand within the Mystery School.

if anybody out there is considering this and they are in the arena of intuition or energy healing or things like that, definitely take the course. I encourage you to step into it and everything will fall into place like it did for me.”

In our six months together in the exclusive ANIMA ILLUMINARE MYSTERY , I will support you to:


✨Learn grounding practices and ancient healing practices that will help you embody & access your multidimensional feminine wisdom and power, reclaiming your sovereign self & making radical shifts in abundance in all aspects of your life

✨Heal ancestral trauma & break generational patterns that has been passed on and unresolved & still lives in the cells of your body which will give you the freedom to fully access your divine gifts & abilities

✨Feel deeply rooted and experience unwavering connection to your spirit guides, your purpose and gifts as a healer

✨Energetic healing & clearing techniques for your energetic/emotional/physical body

✨Excavate deeper aligned truth of who you are & your path, your feminine wisdom and open your whole being to healing you’ve never experienced anywhere else

✨Feel a sense of wholeness and gain freedom and joy in BEing the medicine woman you’re called to be

✨Awaken to your unique Divine blueprint and healing abilities and know how to use them with clients

✨Overcome your fear and unstuck yourself so that you can fully show up as the healer you’re meant to be

✨Expand the capacity of your heart to receive prosperity, Divine abundance & healing so that you can show up authentically as the gift YOU are & BE in flow

✨Expand your business & life to encompass energetic imprints & radical changes within your energetic field that will help you manifest your desires & the clients you want to serve & increase financial influx

A little backstory…

If you’ve ever felt alone, separated from your power, experience deep pain and longing for more… I can relate.

I was born with psychic gifts and abilities and as a child had access to our multidimensional world, communicating and connecting with Ascended Masters, Divine light beings and spirits, traversing different spiritual realms. However, due to the pain and abuse I experienced as a child, I was afraid to embody my spiritual gifts and abilities and my sexuality and I started to reject my gifts.

I am no stranger to pain. I’ve lost loved ones, my mom included when I was 20 to cancer. My aunt who died alone in my arms, my dear friend and grandparents. And I chose to have a home birth.

I have experienced deep heart aches through my divorce, and have come to a place of radical forgiveness. I am now able to co-parent with grace and compassion. I also have unwavering trust in myself, my gifts, and life.

I experience daily the challenges of raising a toddler on my own while running a business, rescuing and caring for animals, being a single mom with dreams and visions for women, children, the animals and this Earth.

I have also felt very lonely almost all of my life. And have felt deeply separated from Source when I rejected this unique part of me that made me truly me.

I started the Mystery School because I want you to experience the spiritual support that is possible for you and because I believe with all my being that:

YOU are powerful beyond measure.

And one of my superpower is the ability to bring your unique feminine power & wisdom out of you and have you experience the magic that is available here. NOW.

I believe Pain is Divine Love in disguise.

Our pain, trauma, triggers, and everything that the body, mind, spirit is showing us are all insights into our soul yearning to heal and awaken~ and also is where our greatest power & strength lies.

And there is a compassionate loving way to receive pain and BE with it that breaks the cycle of pain and trauma in our life and receive it as a potent sacred medicine of transformation.

Think this container might be exactly what you were looking for?

You deserve to Heal and Shine
your Light so Bright

I know what it’s like to doubt yourself, your abilities, your sacred gifts and sovereign birthright. I know what it’s like to know you are here for a reason but unable to access it. 

I don’t want you to be stuck any longer! 

I know what it feels like to not know what the next right step is. I moved from the Philippines 20 years ago. I myself was homeless for a short period of time, before I started my physical therapy career – later opening and running my own physical therapy business from scratch. With little money but deep trust in my path, I made connections, built real relationships, created amazing client results and became one of the most sought after holistic physical therapists in Manhattan seeing The Who’s who of actors, athletes, politicians, CEO’s and influential leaders. My practice grew over the years through word of mouth, with zero Ads or paid marketing because I knew how to ATTRACT and tap into the abundance that is available for each of us. 

I want this for you too!

After 10 amazing years in private practice, I decided to move to my country home during my divorce and started Anima Illuminare mystery school guided by Spirit. Life is unfolding even more magical than I have ever imagined. The more I dove deep into healing myself, getting to know loneliness more and more I have come to realize that who and what I was seeking was right here. Within ME. My whole heart.♥️ 

I would be so honored to support your journey of awakening. In deeply weaving heaven on earth on your body. In reclaiming your power as medicine to this Earth! And your next level of ascension, leading with the power of your whole heart. To our collective healing, 


Still trying to work out if the ANIMA ILLUMINARE MYSTERY SCHOOL is the right step for you?

I have designed this to be for:

Who it is for:

✨Women who have a deep love and desire to heal others and Mother Earth

Women who desire to understand pain’s role in the body as a gateway to ascension

✨Women who desire to open up to and use their psychic & Channeling abilities to serve others

✨Women who feel a sense of stuckness and fear around showing up fully as their full sovereign self and need support in the next level of healing and transformation in a soul circle gathering of medicine women

✨Women who desire to deepen their multidimensional/ Channeling abilities and desire deeper connection to Spirit, Divine light beings & the magical realms

✨Women who know that opening their hearts fully and embracing their pain & trauma is the gateway to freedom & chooses willingly to do the inner work to free themselves & others

✨Women who have spiritual gifts and abilities and have access to our multidimensional world but have difficulty being in their bodies or difficulty anchoring their energies or gifts into the earth so that they can use these gifts to serve humanity

✨Women who are experience deep ancestral pain and traumas and are willing to alchemize pain into their own sacred medicine that will liberate them and others

✨Women who are feeling lost but desire to access their Divine soul purpose & sacred contract to share to the world so that they can live abundantly and share themselves fully to others

✨Women who desire to illuminate their soul from the inside out & lead with their hearts.

It is NOT for:

✨Women who heal others but turn a blind eye to their own pain and suffering. Sorry, no spiritual bypassing here!

✨Women who don’t honor and respect this work as sacred

✨Women who are not open to feeling all of life ( pleasure & pain) as normal experiences to weave into our human body

✨Women who aren’t ready to fully invest and commit to their own healing

✨Women who aren’t open & willing to have their hearts crack open & experience potent shifts in their lives to reflect prosperity & abundance in love, bliss, money & support

To keep the container intimate,


I created this program that will help you: embrace ALL of YOUR magic, your unique psychic gifts & the limitless healing & power that resides within you as you allow yourself to awaken, heal and receive support & love.

To experience Divine spiritual guidance & strengthen your connection & communication to the Spirit world.

To unveil shadow aspects within that hold you back & turn them into potent medicine you can heal yourself, the collective & share to others so they heal deeply by you.

Breaking generational ancestral bondage, & activating Deep soul healing & Divine flow and grace in your life.

Experience freedom in expressing and fully BEing your authentic sovereign Self so that you can live and lead the life you desire

What’s included in the Anima Illuminare Mystery School

Access to sacred geometry and teachings channeled by Ascended Masters and my spirit guides

DNA activations

Advanced energy healings during calls

Heart and womb activations

Grounding techniques & ancient healing techniques to clear your channel and chakras

3 Community calls a month (75 minutes plus!), including a hot seat during each call to share, be witnessed and get answers to your questions

Psychic reading, channeled session as needed during calls

One 60-minute private healing session included (valued $800)

Join a sacred circle of women seeking to share, awaken and heal themselves

Lifetime access to the mystery school Ruby (1st Initiation) Private Facebook group

Be guided by Spirit & Work with my guides and connect with yours

Virtual Cacao ceremony

Sacred moon days/sacred dance days

Unraveling your unique blueprint as a healer

An invitation to join the exclusive second sacred portal~ The Golden gate portal which will lead you my certificate program Ra Illuminare Multidimensional healing upon completion of the program.

Discounted transformational healing retreats, rituals and ceremonies

The investment in the Ruby portal container is $8000.00 or you can pay monthly for over 6 months
in easy-to-manage installments

6 month payments: investment of $1333 per month

Interested in learning more about my concept of sovereign leadership? Check that our below: