Anima illuminare mystery school

Temple of the Sacred


Medicine woman, I am so excited to journey with you, support you and share my whole world with you.
The magic. The mystery, the ancient teachings!

What’s covered here are teachings channeled by my spirit allies; teachings I’ve learned from my experience working with over 20,000 soul healing sessions, and practices I’ve immersed myself in in the last 19 years of my life as a healer!


So let me start by introducing myself:


I am Eia, a multidimensional medicine woman, an Oracle, holistic physical therapist, a psychic medium and a wholeness energy healer.


My superpower is helping YOU, Ancient healer, step into your sacred power and gifts as a healer so that you can rise up and reclaim your power as medicine to this Earth and heal others.


✨ I believe that being a healer is our birthright !


I created this program that will help you embrace ALL of YOUR magic and ALL of the shadows (I call gems) that hold you back.


✨To experience the magical realms, the spirit world


✨The potent and deep soul healing that is available for you. ~ that which really liberates and gets you unstuck, happy and thriving!


You being free to BE!


When you heal others from this space of Sacred BEing, It is profound because everything just flows from Source.

Here’s what you’ll get from this program:

✨you will learn ancient and grounding practices that will help you embody your multidimensional power in this human body and still feel connected and anchored on this earth

✨You will learn how to access your own unique Divine blueprint as a medicine woman.

✨How to heal your deepest trauma, including ancestral trauma that has been passed on and unresolved

✨How to connect with your spirit allies, the magical realms and Co-create and heal with them

✨How to Be a clear vessel and channel of the Divine as you unblock and unstuck yourself and BE in flow and alignment with Source

✨ancient Chakra balancing and clearing techniques

✨Learn heart-womb-soul awakening ceremonies

✨opening portals in your entire being to receive abundance, love and joy !

✨feel Deeply rooted and connected to your purpose and gifts as a healer

✨ancient healing practices to serve others plus working with your spirit allies

✨You will feel a sense of wholeness and practice healing from a sense of peace and flow where you become a channel.

I’m excited for you to experience the freedom and joy as you fully embrace the medicine woman you’re called to be. 

✨awakening to your unique Divine blueprint and healing abilities and knowing how to use them with clients.

You become a MAGNET to your soul clients who want your healing !

Who this is for:

🌟healers who have a deep love and desire to heal others and Mother Earth 

🌟healers who feel a sense of stuckness and fear around showing up fully as the healer they are meant to be and need support in the next level of healing and transformation in a soul circle gathering of women healers

🌟woman who feel an awakening and an emergence of their healing abilities and their connection to Spirit and the magical realms.

🌟healers who have spiritual gifts and abilities and have access to our multidimensional world but have difficulty being in their bodies or difficulty anchoring their energies into the earth

Who’s it not for:

 1)Healers who heal others but turning a blind eye to their own pain and suffering. Sorry no spiritual by passing here. 

2)healers who don’t honor and respect this work as sacred .

3) healers who aren’t ready to fully invest and commit to their own healing

4) healers who do not care about Mother Earth and her inhabitants


Now is the time to open YOU to the portals that YOU traverse!


There is no other time than NOW to heal your deepest wounds and step into your power as a healer because the world needs you more than ever.

These are the times your soul has been waiting for to show up fully and BE ALL IN, in all YOUR power.

plus Be part of a sacred circle of women healers who like you are devoted in deep transformational healing and deeply devoted to Mother Earth!

You will soon realize that We are multidimensional beings in this beautiful human body!

If you are READY to Reclaim your power and uplevel your healing abilities,
Here’s my calendar to book a FREE awaken your inner healer call


If its aligned to work together, I’ll invite you to my mystery school.