Ra Illuminare Multidimensional Healing

is my signature healing modality which has deeply supported, provided healing; and empowered countless people around the world transcend symptoms of physical, emotional and mental pain and ascend into higher levels of consciousness, awakening dormant divine codes within.

It is an Advanced and Ancient light energy healing technology from the Ancients and the Star Nation. Activating the channeling and healing abilities of the medicine woman within and the priestesses during these times.

As I have activated these divine codes and healing abilities within my being and my hands for many years within my own deep remembering, I’m excited to pass on these initiations to those who are called into this path. So as to remember their own connection to their healing gifts and their priestess codes within.

Designed, created and practiced over my 20+ year career as a healer, as a licensed holistic, physical therapist and multidimensional medicine woman, I’ve created pillars that combine years of study from various teachings and trainings, hands on experience of working with the body akin to the landscape of the Earth, channeled Ancient wisdom and modalities from my guides and our Earth Mother. 


This multidimentional healing modality is an embodiment and practice of deep love for the sovereign divine human body. 

YOUR Body as MY guide.

Bringing body- heart- soul alignment.

It is fully receiving, acknowledging, knowing deeply that the human body is a sacred vessel . An energetic being, Equipped with its own wisdom, intelligence and innate ability to heal. We just need to learn how to listen to her deeply, allow her to speak in ways beyond our mind can fathom.

One of the practices is getting out of the way. And surrendering to the vast Akashic records within the body, weaving the golden thread of light into the body to reconnect the body into wholeness and to Source.

To the Mother.

To the void.

To life.

Here on Earth.

I’ve been practicing this modality for over 22,000 soul healing sessions all over the world.

This work is profound. All encompassing, SACRED. Deeply powerful.

It’s more than touch or massage, it’s more than physical therapy, it’s more than healing or channelling; it’s a combination of all these things and the ART of Surrendering and receiving the wisdom of the body and so much more. Creating long-lasting change, awakening, and an understanding of pain and chronic symptoms and the unique way each human body holds and reacts to pain and stressors and the environment. 

Over my years of receiving and working with the body, I’ve seen the pitfalls of how our western culture addresses and treats all physical conditions.

Most usually one-dimensional.

Healing and awakening is not linear. Healing pain in the body is not linear either. The mind, the spirit, the emotions, your biology, your environment can all affect your physical body and can cause dis-ease pain, chronic pain, and so many other issues.

Until we look at the body as multidimensional, and as a whole and address any of the factors that affect it (stress, emotions, trauma, environment, DNA), we’re just addressing the symptom instead of healing the root cause.

And we often never give the pain-body a chance to speak before we null or numb it.

This is the practice of “breath” and “grace”.

Allowing the insight and wisdom of pain to be revealed by the body. Bringing her into safety. And seeing her as holy and sacred.

Holding all parts of the body with reverence.

All connected to the the whole being.

Never separate.

All human and Divine.

So this work is in deep devotion to the wild, true, pure nature of the Soul and our God/Goddess self.

Through this work may you heal your soul -cell body and REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.


It is my deepest desire to share this work, and have you experience your innate ability to heal from within and feel empowered to take care of your body in ways that honor your whole self with utmost reverence. It is my deepest desire for people to open their hearts to a new way of healing that allows their soul voice to speak and the wisdom within their bodies to be heard and recognized. Thereby opening portals within their being to receive their own gift, their own magic and to experience freedom from pain and trauma in a cellular-soul level. Honoring their own bodies as their vehicle for ascension and awakening during these times.

Interested in embodying this work to support healing with

yourself and your client?

CERTIFICATE PROGRAM for Ra Illuminare Multidimensional healing modality after completing
the 3 portals in Anima Illuminare Mystery School.

Initiates of Ra Illuminare multidimensional healing modality will be able to practice this healing technique with clients to affect deep cellular alignment of body and soul, freedom from pain in their bodies, awakening the inner healer and experiencing rapid and profound transformation within. 

READY to discover your multidimensional healing and channeling abilities and receive ancient feminine wisdom from the ancient ones with this unique healing modality?

What is it?
This method is all encompassing in the way that it looks at the multidimensional aspect of being human. The mental, the emotional, the spiritual and the physical aspect, including the environment that you are in, and that you subject yourself to.

We don’t treat the symptom of the pain or the pain itself. This is the discovery of WHY it’s there, what the root cause is and if it’s chronic, what patterns are causing it to keep coming back.

We receive the body like a landscape of the earth.

We allow the innate wisdom of the body to be heard, to be seen, to be spoken.

It is art itself.

How Does It Work?

The way we do it is by deep listening, feeling, and allowing the wisdom of the body to share to you what it needs, what it’s ready to heal, and what it is ready to release or bring light to.

We connect the mind, the body, spirit, the environment, and bring anything that needs to be healed into deep awareness to the client, so that they can find ways of mastering their own healing, their own pain, their own trauma and the ability to listen to their own body. This empowers the individual to learn to care and have deep reverence for their own body.

We recognize that while we may share a similar physical anatomy, everybody is unique in that they live in different environments, different lives, different careers, different relationships, and different ways of experiencing the world. We work on noticing how the body responds to different situations, triggers and response to a stressful situation.

Practitioners of this method must become a clear channel to meet the body exactly where it is. They must allow their own mind to take a backseat to receive the other person and they must be attuned to what their body is asking for and their body needs.

Testimonial for my work…

“She is magic. She is Earth Angel. She has incredible healing powers!

I had an absolutely marvelous session with her few weeks ago to address my back pain and emotional stresses associated with that. Eia listened to all the things i had to share while doing her energy magic at a distance over zoom.

I immediately felt better afterwards! My back pain didn’t completely go away but i felt huge shifts within my body (physical and energetic). I felt like I had new energy and space to deal with stresses in my life, and felt more grounded to handle my shit. And deal with the backpain!

The most amazing part was that my 2 year old son snuck into the room during our session and Wish told me it was no accident!

My kid came to tell us something. Eia was so on point about my son’s tummy issues and appetite and gave me incredible advice on how to facilitate healing on my son myself. I really appreciated her insight because I was concerned about him!

wanted to come here and spread the word about Eia’s gifts and incredible power. She was exactly the person who I needed to talk to about my physical and spiritual health. If you have a call to talk to someone like Eia, I highly recommend you connect with her and see how she can help you

Thank you, Eia! You truly changed my life!”

Interested in going deeper?

If you are ready to experience the Ra Illuminare Multidimensional Healing Method for yourself, check out the options for working with me below!

I would love to support you on your Transformational Healing Journey as you heal and expand…

Package Options:

4 Session Package – $3200
+5%paypal fees

8 session package – $6400
+5%paypal fees

12 session package – $9600
+5%paypal fees

Payment plans available upon request, email medicinewomanrisingteam@gmail.com to discuss your options.