3 Day Event

August 26th 12 pm EST

August 27th 3 pm EST

August 28th 12 pm EST

Ancient healers, awakeners, oracles of the earth, medicine woman, earth keepers, and warriors come join me in remembrance of the sacred medicine woman within you.

In this Initiation you'll:

During our time together you will get to know who the medicine woman is

Receive light code transmission that will activate your inner healer, when you feel and receive this transmission, you’ll know you are called to rise up and awaken the ancient healer within you.

You will learn a simple technique to clear and balance your chakra

Activate, clear, and awaken your womb and experience the healing energy of Mother Serpent during this process.

Experience how you can be a clear channel of Divine love and healings in service for others and our Earth Mother

Awaken deeper healing within yourself

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Here's what you'll learn

It is a potent time for awakening and allowing the sacred within you to RISE.

Reclaiming your power. Remembering your medicine.

If this resonates deeply, Join this sacred container with me

August 26th 12 pm EST

August 27th 3 pm EST

August 28th 12 pm EST

They will last for 1 1/2 - 2 hours

Hear what our clients have to say


Everything in my business started to flow after the activation, everything lined up for me. It was magical. I started seeing different colors and the leaves of the trees and the branches all look different like something shifted inside of me and an awakening happened.



I feel so refreshed lighter more open more clarity heart to crown super tingling, vibrating and my crown feels so wide open. I feel like my wings have expanded. So connected with myself.



I felt like mother earth hugged me as I lay on the moss. I saw trees hugging me as well. And then water splashed on my toes. A unicorn also stopped by to say hello. It was beautiful.


About Me:

Mary Elaine (Eia) is a multidimensional medicine woman – a seer, a psychic, a wholeness energy healer and wholistic physical therapist – who has been practicing for over 18 years. She believes that for women, being a healer is our birthright!

This is why she is deeply passionate about helping medicine women step into their multidimensional power so that they can fully access their gifts and abilities as a healer and serve others. Born with psychic gifts, abilities, and a deep rooted connection with the natural magical world we live in, Eia, has been using these abilities for nearly two decades to help individuals experience healing at a cellular and soul level.

With over 20,000 healing sessions completed, she has become one of the most sought-after wholistic physical therapists and healers in NYC, including seeing the the Who’s Who of actors, athletes, politicians, CEOs, and other influential leaders. Incorporating ancient healing systems and her unique Light Source Connection method, Eia brings individuals back to a sense of wholeness, awakening their soul’s blueprint and subtle energy system in order to remember, repair, align, restructure and repattern the soul body to heal and awaken.

Eia is also a speaker, her message sounding an urgent clarion call for us ALL to Awaken The Ancient Healer Within — for ourselves, for the planet, and for our children’s children. Her talks encourage courageous exploration of our pain, shadows, and disconnection so we remember who we are and our deep connection to Mother Earth, each other, and to ALL sacred living beings.

She is a steward of this sacred magical land in upstate New York and holds transformational private healing immersions and retreats at her Sacred Earth Healing & Retreat Center.

She recently opened Anima Illuminare Mystery School~ teachings and gathering in sacred circle of medicine women where they not only journey through the magical realms of spirit and the multidimensional world but begin to connect deeply to the rhythms of Mother Earth. Healing, unblocking, clearing layers of their being so that they can heal others and the planet.

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