The Pearl Mentorship 

Are you ready to fully embrace your Divine gifts, connect with your sacred contract?

Come out of hiding/ share your gifts while feeling deeply supported doing it?

Are you ready to experience relief from chronic pain and unstuck yourself from chronic patterns that hold you back from thriving?

Are you ready to fully step into your authentic sovereign self ?

Are you ready to experience freedom from soul to cell and reclaim your power as a medicine woman? Be a significant part of the healing on this planet ?

Are you ready to alchemize pain in your body and break ancestral trauma to be the exact medicine you are going to be healing others with?

Then the pearl mentorship is for you!!!

The pearl medicine is a deep dive into the vast wisdom within your soul to allow your unique medicine to shine, healing old wounds that bind you to the past and allow authentic expression in body and soul.

You gain clarity, aligning yourself to your soul path and will also receive guidance from your ancestors and guides.

It is next level DNA upgrades and healing that activate your heart and soul into the direction of what ignites your whole being.

Therefore bringing abundance in your life.

I coined it the pearl mentorship because as I always find answers in nature, the way the Pearl came into being has formed the way I look at pain and how I deal with my challenges in life and all parts of myself that I used to reject or abandoned.

Let me tell you a story of how the pearl is created and my own insight on this:

“ When a mollusk, this sea animal, experiences an irritant , what it does is instead of pushing or numbing the painful irritant , it soothes this irritant with this gorgeous mother of pearl, this nacre, over and over again, and then over time it reveals this beautiful luminescent pearl that we all know.

What this story revealed to me is if choose to receive pain as our teacher it becomes the voice of our soul seeking to teach us something about ourselves, the wisdom that helps us know unstuck ourselves from our own suffering. It also revealed really what the nature of what pain is, which is healing insight, healing wisdom coming through. The Divine coaxing us back into remembering LOVE.

This is pure alchemy because bringing compassion and kindness to all the hard painful, rejected places within us , not shutting it down or running away from the pain or experience but embracing it, holding it with tenderness and loving it wholly, transforms it into the exact medicine that liberates our soul from the inside out.

If this path is what you desire, I’m here for you.

The first session will be a psychic and channeled healing session to unravel the layer within that your body is ready to heal.

Through my multidimensional pyschic healing abilities , I listen, see and hear what your body desires to unravel which will be the most potent first gateway we get into as we begin our journey.

I take you into the void with me. Where my guides and I and your body will be deeply cared for, heard and attended to.

Where the magic begins.

All you need is to surrender into the mystery within, and allow the unraveling of this deep healing work.

From that first session, anything and everything can be talked about, addressed .

But it is important to allow the wise body to be heard. So that she can surrender in safety and trust.

🔥It could look like past life traumas

🔥pain in this lifetime held in your body that you may or may not be aware of

🔥You could be experiencing massive life transitions .

🔥Or experience loss, grief and or rage

🔥It could look like you are uncertain what your purpose is or what your divine gifts are.

🔥It could look like ancestral karmic patterns still in your body.

Your body knows it all

And She is my guide in all our sessions

I trust her deeply.

And this is why the work is incredibly powerful because I get out of the way for your whole being, your whole body to share with me what she needs on a deeper level, what healing needs to happen and what magic lies within you.

It’s such extraordinary work and I always get so lit up by the powerful healing and transformation that happens every single time , even in just one session.

So as we create even deeper safety in this sacred container for the next 3-6 months, all that needs to be healed, enlightened and brought to our attention from within our bodies will arise.

It is a journey of awakening your whole self. Your whole heart.


🔥It is a 1:1 private mentorship for 3 months or 6 months

🔥2 ~70 minute calls / month Availability for support through email or Voxer mondays-Thursday

🔥you’ll receive tools to support you through your growth, healing and evolution and to anchor your truth and gifts onto this earth

This work takes commitment, with both feet ready and willing to do the inner work, and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I am so ready for you. Are you?

FULL BODY YES, book an Awaken your Inner Healer call

Why you would need the pearl experience from me?

You feel stuck and lost and have sought support else where but still experiencing pain in the body

You are seeking someone who could support your body to heal as you expand into new heights and desires in your life.

As a multidimensional medicine woman, physical therapist with over 20 years of multidimensional healing experience, Ive worked with over 22,000 souls to address the root cause of stuckness and pain in the body and have activated their healing gifts within

You desire someone who has an international experience of working with healers, spiritual leaders and change makers

You feel isolated and not sure where to begin as you step into your true soul calling.

You desire support from someone that is uniquely tailored for your exact needs and knows how to read your bodies guidance.

I’m a creatrix , a priestess, a multidimensional medicine woman, an ancient healer, holistic physical therapist, a divine channel, a psychic and as much as I have gathered so many tools in my experience healing the body and the human being, LIVE and remotely all over the world through my different professions , everything that I will share to you as tools or weave into your body as healings and support, is and will be created from the void.

That’s where I pull the magic from.

So everything that flows from me is uniquely created and sacred from the womb of our very existence.

Are you feeling a nudge to be in this sacred container, book an Awaken your Inner Healer call now