~ CC Elaine


~ Rachel Augusta       


~ John Healy

~ Keira Poulsen 

“I have always been drawn to the magic and mystery of healers, energy workers, psychics and oracles. In Sedona, in California, on the phone, in person, in groups and 1:1 I’ve personally experienced the power and depth of personal, ancestral and collective healing that is possible and available to us. Until recently, I believed that these healing gifts others shared were limited to a select few humans. Then I joined Eia’s Mystery School and I came to understand that there are many healers here on Earth at this very moment, including me! In the Mystery School I experienced a great remembering of who I am. I was shown my healing gifts and my role as a healer on this planet. With each week’s activation I experienced deep and rapid healing and transformation. I deepened my connection to my ancestors and spirit guides. It was as though in saying “Yes” to The Mystery School my soul signaled to the universe that I was ready to receive and remember my gifts. Eia created this beautiful container where our hearts could expand and reveal to us the mysteries of love, life and the universe. The heart opening that I experienced was life changing. She’s expanded and given my heart “wings” to navigate life in a whole different way and support other women. Eia is a magical woman who is ready to support you in discovering, growing and deepening into your own magic. If you are ready to have the universe reveal to your gifts and magic you need to join the Mystery School! “ 
~Yvette G.

From this beautiful woman Keira. We have started working just one month ago.
“I began to work with Eia, to help me bring back my sense of smell.
But as we began to dive into healing, I got so much more than I imagined.
I found my energy and passion return in my work and my purpose. I doubled my monthly income and created new programs and offerings with ease.
Working with Eia is a sacred and powerful experience.
As a spiritual being, it has been much easier for me to spend a lot of time in the spiritual realm.
But, working with Eia has brought me back into my body in a powerful and healing way. It has been a reminder of the beauty and gift of the body.
I am so deeply grateful for the work we have done and look forward to the work ahead!”
~ Keira.

“I could not stop feeling stuck in my life.  Every “win” never really felt like a victory and every loss just made me feel smaller and less worthy.  Even my body felt broken down, like I sunk into a place I knew wasn’t the best for my wellness but couldn’t get myself out. Deep down though, I knew that this couldn’t be what my life was meant to be. There was always this hesitation in believing that life was supposed to feel this way and I just could not accept it.

I yearned for love, compassion, abundance and mercy. I remember a time when I was a little girl that I felt special and somewhere over the years with age, experiences and seeing so much pain and suffering and grieving, I completely lost that feeling.  My commitment to the healing immersion with Mary was to feel love again and to gain clarity of my life’s purpose – and I did! I received so much more than I was looking for.  Every question was answered. 

The biggest shift for me has been the remembering and the confirmation that there is a path and vision. I have since noticed my body feeling differently when I practice on my mat. I also find myself chanting out loud every day, dancing, looking up at the sky and feeling my sensations.  I am also seeing so many subtle signs and this complete threading of things. A big change has been to slow down and to feel and watch, less doing or creating. I want to hold on to this openness.

The private immersion retreat was crafted and tailored so specifically to my needs that I was astonished and amazed.  Every single detail from the food to the healing methods practiced was perfect. The land is sacred and beautiful with Mother Nature all around.  This is not only a retreat to the mountains in New York but a retreat deep within yourself. I want everyone to experience this!

Mary – I am so grateful to you, your wisdom, healing power, and the deep trust and connection I feel with you. Thank you for helping me find my way back home. It is you who helped remind me and let me believe again.”

~ Linda L.

“I was inspired to tap into my Divine Feminine.   Mary and her beautiful mountain called to me. During our immersion she led me in expansive mindful discovery, deep transformative meditation, and soulful sharing; the Divine Feminine awoke in me.

Somewhere in the playful shadows, I was reunited with a vanished twin that wrapped me in love and invited me to know her. On the second day, a shimmer of wind lifted my veil of remembering, and I heard the ancient one Sekmet call me to her. In that moment, I knew I would fly to Egypt, and there would be more awaiting me to discover.  I have since followed the call and booked my travel there, and discover I did!

The weekend with Mary on her sacred land shifted the landscape inside me, dissolving old wounding and paradigms, awakening truths in me that I had not dared to recognize – until now.”

~ Billie L.

I have been studying Shamanism and Feather Healing for numerous years now. I was unsure of my abilities as a healer and seeker of nature’s whispers. I thought that I was seeing things that everyone saw or they did not think it was not significant.I felt a little apprehensive, because I did not know what to expect.  I was going to an unknown place with people I had never met before. But Mary made me feel right at home and her brother’s cooking was amazing and always what my body was needing.The time I spent connecting and learning from Mary Elaine how to communicate with nature was amazing. 

I learned that it wasn’t so much as a blockage, but that I did not believe what I felt. I felt a closer connection to nature, nature was telling me that everything that I see or feel is not common place. The immersion help me understand how the healer in me works and the relationship that I have with the natural forces around me.I can now create a safe space where energy and nature can flourish. 

After I got home, the next week or so, I started looking back at past experiences and seeing the knowledge that those times actually passed on to me.I really started to connect with nature, especially the birds and magical creatures of the forest.  

I was driving out to pick up my son and a bird flew right at my car, had to slow down to avoid it. Instead of driving fast again, I keep a slow pace and was not at the intersection when a car hit the truck, two cars ahead me.

If you are looking for an amazing transformation in your healing abilities, then the Sacred Earth Retreat Center with Mary Elaine is the place for you.” 

~ Michael Pondhawk.

Do you know when you meet someone and know they’re going to be a gift for you in your life? Mary is one of them!

I live in Australia and received a virtual healing session over the phone. I cannot express how much more aligned I now feel. I have lived with chronic pains in certain places of my body and since having my session I feel like I have shifted much of whatever was blocking me in my energetic field, emotional and physical body through Mary’s insights and the shift from her magical abilities. 

I’ve noticed my frequency went from 6 to 10, the joy and gratitude I am now feeling is deeper then ever, and I’m just feeling lighter and more freedom from pains and blocks I had been living with. I am honestly blessed to have crossed paths with this empowering Being, Medicine woman, and Magical Goddess that she is.

For one to be free from their resistances one must go into their pains. Take the leap into receiving healing for yourself so you can have a flowing life force and live at your best functioning state. Mary is truly a gift to this earth. If you need help shifting whatever it is you’ve been wanting to shift to fully step into yourself as the empowering Being you are, May you be called to choose Mary.

So much love to you Mary and I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

~ Laarnie whyte

“For 10 years I had been plagued with back and neck pain. I had seen countless doctors and physical therapists. I’d tried it all, with little success. I was in a significant amount of pain when I booked with Mary. I walked out feeling better after only ONE session. 
Mary has found the point at which medical science and true energy/spiritual healing intersect, showing us how healing is indeed possible, not just some woo-woo evangelical nonsense. This really separates her from other healers and physical therapists. I simply cannot give a higher recommendation!” 
~ John H.

Mary mentioned that in the weeks leading up to the weekend immersion we may experience bodily sensations or events that will signal ways our psyche and our body wants to heal. Sure enough, a week beforehand I started feeling severe pain on my jaw which I believe was part of a trauma from a previous lifetime. Mary worked on me during our time together and the following day the pain went away. It was very comforting to be seen and clearly understood by Mary. Not only did she see the pain and understand why it was there, she also was able to help me heal it.

During the weekend also I got to experience the fairies and the tree people’s presence when she guided me in journey to meet them. It was beautiful and magical and I have never experienced that before, they were so present around me. The land was so special and I got to be loved by the horses as one of them, Rachel, breathed on my heart. It was a weekend of experiencing that we humans are not the only ones on this planet and that the other beings are there for us when we allow ourselves to open up to them. 

Everything was revealing, magical and in the highest vibrations. The food was so nourishing and healing, prepared with so much love and care.  Mary is a gifted healer that will walk you to your truth with fierce love and grace. I have so much love and gratitude for her.

~ Kim M.

 ” I was feeling chronic pain in my chest, back and neck along with intermittent pain in my knees and hips. With Mary’s support I now have no back or chest pain, and a little bit of infrequent neck pain. My posture is much better and mobility too. 

“Mary’s work was unique and dramatically helpful for both focused areas and full body benefit. I cannot speak to emotional or bio-energetic issues specifically, but for improvements in the physical body her work is outstanding!”

~ Howard Miller, MD

“I was suddenly stricken with a disorder of unknown origin that affects the inner ear system.  It’s rare, and the most recent peer-reviewed journals suggested that a recovery may not be expected, and any recovery often takes years of therapy.   I had had one experience with Mary before that multiple previous therapists had misdiagnosed an injury around my thumb that Mary literally diagnosed (accurately) within about 10 seconds.  Given Western Medicine’s poor predictions for recovery with this rare disorder, I was willing to try energy healing with Mary.

For about 6 weeks, I couldn’t walk in a straight line (gait imbalance) and my vision would bounce up and down when I walk (oscillopsia) causing the simple act of walking outside to be nauseating.  Over those six weeks, I had almost no progress.  I had a session with Mary in the morning and acupuncture in the late afternoon.  When I finished both, my body was utterly exhausted, and I went home to crash.  The next morning, I woke up and the oscillopsia was reduced by at least 30-40%.  The day before, I would have to literally stop walking in order to read street signs, but now I could suddenly read signs by just slowing down a bit and not having to stop fully.  Over the next 4 weeks, I recovered almost entirely — but the first sign of any recovery was stimulated by this dual appointment.

During Mary’s energy healing, I was not primed with any expectations, and so there was no potential for placebo effects.    I will say that I had real physical sensations during the process, and the timing of my recovery is too tight to be coincidental.  I’m a pragmatic person who believes strongly in evidence-based policy and currently an empirical economist. In the words of statistics, if you were to run an interrupted time series model, there’d be a strongly significant positive coefficient on Mary’s work.

In sum, for both regular injuries occurred during the course of life, and for disorders where Western Medicine may offer less-than-stellar options, I highly recommend.”
~ Jonathan H.

“One of the most valuable teachings that I have taken is that not only is it important to feel right, it’s just as important to think and live right. I’ve been able to really connect with my mind, body, and soul through the sessions. I’ve never felt so comfortable talking about all of the things that are going on in my life. Even those things I’ve buried deep down and far away, I’ve been able to face them and release the negetive related emotions. With the start of the new year; I’m now meditating and really working on completely feeling healthy. I continuously recommend my friends.”

~ Linda L.

“The best, Mary is! The first day I limped in to see her, my body was filled with complete anxiety and fear.  It’s been 3 months and I’m ready to put on a wedge, and dance the night away. [She] fixes and heals everything. TRUE STORY!” 

~ Natalie B.

I was a bit nervous because I was not sure what was causing the severe pain I was having in my shoulder, back and chest area. She put my worries to rest immediately by doing some techniques that relieved a lot of the pain pretty quickly. She also helped me to determine the cause of the pain. Not only did Mary assist with the physical issues, but she also helped me realize ways to prevent them in the future. After seeing Elaine and following her advice, together with suggested natural remedies, I can honestly say that I feel better than I have in “A LONG TIME”. Her therapy is well-rounded and comprehensive and she cares about solving the problem instead of just treating the pain, which is exactly what I needed! Thank you!” 

~ Kim D.

I recommend to anyone looking to heal and reach their maximum potential.” 

~ Seydina F

“Absolutely the best! Mary is amazing and is very knowledgeable. ” 

~ J.T.

“Hands down… the best.”

~ Mikael H.

“I can honestly say she is hands down (no pun intended) the best in [New York] City. She had me back climbing and biking in no time.”

~ Gustav R.