Sacred body Temple🐉🌹the path of the awakened whole heart.

A sacred gathering for all beings, all genders and children!

🌹A place each month, where we gather in circle ~ to come home to ourselves.

🌹Remember and “experience “ freedom and abundance as our birthright. 

🌹A place we “experience“ massive healings together from the inside and out.

🌹A place we awaken from our slumber and experience downloads and messages from our guides that give us the strength to follow our hearts .

🌹A place we come home to recharge our batteries ( our bodies) when we are depleted.

🌹A place where we can fall, to be held in love 

🌹A place to recenter and re-align when we get pulled out of ourselves by triggers, pain and trauma 

🌹A place you will receive multidimensional healings and support that nourish your mind, body, spirit.

🌹A place you will receive visions, guidance, confirmations on your path

🌹A place to release and shed the old with ease 

My deep intention here is that you remember who you are.

Remember why you are here. Your sacred path . And get deeply activated IN your rising and healing.

I desire for you to come back home to yourself and return to LOVE, IN service to LOVE and loving one another. 

AND for all of us to collectively heal and rise in our power, transmute our pain into golden light that illuminates the darkness we are all experiencing personally and collectively so that we rebirth ourselves anew and create a new earth- together. 


 What you’re going to get :

1 monthly LIVE calibration call

Who will benefit from these calibration experiences: 

🌹For those who are confused stuck and in pain

🌹For those ready to receive massive spiritual, physical and emotional support plus the support of other powerful women/men in the circle together

🌹For those ready to uplevel their lives unlocking their gifts and opens pathways to receiving abundance

🌹For those ready and willing to be part of the revolutionary healing in the planet ( the more we collectively heal and come together in prayer and intention to rise , the more we personally and collectively heal deeply ourselves and our Earth

🌹For those desiring a new way of living that elevates their lives in joy, following their sacred paths

🌹For those ready to expand into their gifts and access their truth and the wisdom, power within

🌹For those ready to birth themselves anew

🌹For those ready to break free from old paradigms that get you looped into pain and patterns that keep you small

🌹For those who want to remember who they are and create massive changes in their lives from a place of alignment

🌹While Supporting their nervous system so they thrive

This place is for you. ♥️

I would love to have you in this journey with me . 

I would love to connect with you in this path.

You are so wanted.

Your gifts.

Your light.

The holy dark places within too that need our loving attention

Your whole being is so needed.

Come into this sacred space with us 

If you’re feeling a deep yes IN your body, know that it is safe to truth your inner knowing.

Im so honored to walk this path of deep awakening with you .

Gift yourself powerful support this new year . We start 2/6

The investment is $111/ monthly subscription  (cancel any time) for 1 calibration call in this powerful healing community 

I can’t wait to play magic and dive deep with you.

All my love, Eia, the star nation, dragons 🐉