Sacred Drum Medicine

What you’ll find in this course are also practices that will help you create more intimacy in your life, in your relationship to yourself, your own opening (flowering), your contraction, and your connection to our Earth Mother and her inhabitants.

Find divine connection with yourself and your drum

Learn to harness the power of this sacred tool so you can finally express your fullest self as a sovereign multidimensional healer.

Course Overview

Welcome beloveds 🌹 

Sometimes when we are called to get a drum, desire to learn and connect with one and play with it, we may think it is us, that chooses the drum. But really, in most cases, the drum chooses YOU.

That in this exact moment, you are called to awaken a part of you, the healer within that lies dormant but ready to come alive through this sacred tool and practice.

YOU are chosen to be a keeper of ancient sound, healing and ancient medicine.

YOU are called to assist in the healing of humanity, for our children, and our children’s children.

She comes here to be your Ally. 

To nourish you, to support you, your community and to bridge heaven and Earth.

Using this sacred tool, returns us to the Circle of life and our important connection to our ancestors

 It invites us to gather in circle, as a community, for each other, As one people. As fundamentally whole multidimensional human beings. 

Our journey together will be one of deep remembrance of the power that lies within our sacred hearts. 

 The heart that knows we are all connected to each other~ All woven into this fabric of life.

What you’ll find in this course are also practices that will help you in creating more intimacy in your life, in your relationship to yourself, your own opening (flowering) and your contraction. Deepening your connection to our Earth Mother and all her inhabitants.


You will learn:

~ how to connect with your own drum 

~how to find the heartbeat and rhythm of your own drum

~ how to channel your drum

~ how to receive pain as our teacher and use the medicine of the Pearl 

~ how to use the power of the trinity to create sound

~ how to open your channels to receive wisdom from within our wombs, the four directions, The Sun, our ancestors and the Earth Mother

~ Your drum as the conduit of expression of the Divine within you and your lineage

~throat chakra activation and womb healing exercises

~how to do divination with your Sacred Drum (optional training if desired)


What is included:

~ We meet Live 3 times per month over zoom for 4 months

~ We will have a private Fb page to explore our own drum and unique gifts as a healer, connect with sisters who are healers and way showers, work through what’s in the way to fully living the path of a healer


When we bring back ancient tools and healing practices to our present modern day, we honor those who have come before us, we enrich our lives with ways that have healed and supported our ancestors and our community. 

Connecting with our sacred drum in the way I will teach you, will  bring you to the present moment, where the heartbeat of Gaia  and everything else exists inside of you, and all that matters is Unity consciousness.

 Our life becomes a prayer. 

A devotion to LOVE.

Thank you for saying YES to the call of Spirit. 

You are perfect where you are.

I look forward to journeying with you and with each other .


Deep Bow, 

Eia 🐉 

Multidimensional Medicine woman

Ancient healer

Earth keeper

Womb priestess

Payment Plans Are Available For This Course

Choose the plan that best works for you and your needs.