Transformational Healing Journey 

Over the course of 4 sessions (done over the phone) you will:


  • Heal the blockages that lie deep in your cells that could hold you back or are creating havoc in your body
  • Heal painful experiences and trauma that are still in the memory of your cells
  • Increase your frequency and vibration so you attract the life you want 
  • Expand your ability to receive signs from the universe and connect deeply

4 session journey – $2222



*All sessions are done remotely so you can receive guidance and/or healing from the comfort of your home. Each session is uniquely tailored to you, and may include:


  • Activation and Alignment – Unlocking the body’s innate ability to heal so you can access the natural healer within you and avoid recurring patterns of dis-ease. Activating the star seed within you and The Remembering of who you are.  
  • Connective Awakening – Spiritual awakening of your psychic abilities and spiritual gifts. I serve as a Key, bridging the gap of disconnect and healing areas of stuck-ness so you can tap into the flow and interconnectedness of all of life.
  • Ancestral Healing – Healing emotional and energetic blockages passed on from one generation to another unresolved in your lineage, thereby hindering your growth and the full expression of your happiest, healthiest and most fulfilled self. This can shift your relationship with you, your relationship with others, your relationship with money, and more. 
  • Deep Soul Healing – Healing deep pain coming from your disconnection to your own truth,  your calling and the (illusion of separation from) the Divine OR healing chronic pain in your cells/tissues coming from an imprint or memory of a painful experience, trauma, or another long standing suffering that you may or may not be aware of.  
  • Past lives – reconnect with a past life experience or past lifetime that may be holding you back from healing or showing up fully.


Dandelion Oracle readings Sessions 

If you are lost, confused, or struggling and need clarity and guidance, these sessions shed light on the dark places in your life, and create an opening for you to experience attunement and the support of divine loving energy so you can move ahead in your life with more ease and flow.  

                Consulting time: 60 mins

Transformational Healing Sessions  

You bring into awareness what you’re struggling with and what is blocking you or causing you pain (energetically, emotionally, or physically), and allow whatever shows up in our time together to be seen. From this space we create a loving intention that opens you up to healing and a deep shift within.  

               Consulting time: 60 mins

*Note: Multi-session packages are available for a special rate.

Email to inquire if interested.