Pain is Divine love in disguise– Eia Buenconsejo

Eia brings a depth of compassion as she helps people transform their perception and relationship to pain, leaving them open and receptive to truly understand what the nature of pain is and how to heal deeply from within.

For 22 years as a medicine woman, a wholeness energy healer and one of the top most sought after wholistic PT’s in NYC with 22,000 soul healing sessions, seeing The Who’s who of actors, politicians, athletes, CEO of leading companies and other influential luminaries; Eia invites the audience to no longer fear deep soul pain ( be it emotional , spiritual or physical ) but enchant them to connect to the healer within themselves, freeing themselves of their own pain and BEcoming a beacon of light for others in showing them how to heal themselves from their own suffering. Her talk entertains and inspires people to embrace pain as a teacher and a catalyst to their awakening.

Mary’s message at the core is urgent in its call for us to awaken the shadows and dark places within ourselves so we remember who we are, remember our connection to Mother Earth, each other and to all sacred living beings, thus healing the tremendous suffering that’s happening in our planet so we can usher a world of love and healing for our children and our children’s children.

Her talks, retreats and workshops encourage courageous exploration of our own pain and disconnect, leaving participants and audience more deeply connected to their true essence , reconnecting to Mother Earth and the natural world and their interconnection to All sacred life.

Talk topics

Awakening the ancient healer within

A a young girl, Mary had a deep spiritual connection and awareness to the spirit realm, Mother Earth and the natural world. But have shut her gifts, visions and connection because it was misunderstood and was socially unacceptable then. In her path of reawakening and embodying the healer that she is now she understands the process on what people need to go through to reawaken the healer within themselves and trust the wisdom, the guidance and the magic that resides within themselves.


True nature of healing

True healing is not fixing a problem or taking away a painful experience or part or letting go, but embracing the shadows of all human experiences and the light within, a return to wholeness and our reconnection to Mother Earth and all of life.

The Art of listening to the wisdom of the body

Our bodies are like internal gurus always voicing what it feels and what it needs . It holds our secrets, our pains and shows ways we can unlock and heal them. When we learn to listen to it , it will reveal ways we can live mindfully awake and connect free of dis-ease. We just need to tap into its wisdom and intelligence.

Watch Eia (Mary Elaine) speak at the Woman Speak International Festival

I don’t have the right words to describe the power and impact of Mary’s talk at the WomanSpeak Festival. She stunned the room. Her riveting storytelling and her call to everyone in the room to transform our relationship to pain, so we can awaken from the numbness that has allowed us to enter into the ecological crisis we are currently in, is… stunning. Everyone needs to hear this woman’s message. Her voice is a clarion call for humanity.  

KC Baker

Thought Leadership Coach, Speech Writer, and Founder at WomanSpeak

Mary’s talk: Awakening the Ancient Healer Within is so much more than a talk it is a passionate transmission of love and spiritual truth the world desperately needs. Listening to it was like a coming home. I will (could) listen to it again and again – with such potent wisdom to digest.

She offers a powerful new perspective on pain, rooted within our own soul wisdom – which has the potential to empower and liberate each of us.

As someone in the midst of fully embodying my own spiritual nature Mary’s call to action was a profound gift. Given the state of things in our world, this call is desperately needed.

Joni Advent Maher

Spiritual Midwife, Founder of Revolutionary Heart and Host and Creator of Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow Podcast


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