What is Sovereign BodyLeadership ?

You, Your whole body, your whole being, as your inner compass. Your guide.

Honoring all the ways your body speaks to you.

Through pain. Through pleasure .

Through expansion. Contraction.

Alignment and misalignment.

The voice within the sacr-om~ the sacred womb.

Trusting her Divine intelligence.

Her innate power and ability to heal, create and weave magic 

Formless to form

Soul to Cell~ Spirit to matter.

This is our sovereign human body

Our true freedom lies in setting her free.

From the root cause of the pain and the illusion of separation from her God-self and her power.

It is you standing firm in your unwavering truth

Fully surrendering

Diving deep into the depths of the darkness and mysteries of your womb.

The Black Sea.

The void.

The primordial light.

Discovering the golden thread that connects you to your luminous essence

Unraveling the warrioress.

Reclaiming all parts of SELF. Dark and light. As sovereign. Whole.

Knowing that the dark emotions or aspects of yourself when healed are your greatest strengths

because unless you choose to embrace your pain and trauma, it will still hold you back from rising fully in your authentic power.

YOU leading your way by BEING the epitome of your spoken truth, spoken word

You live and walk your talk full congruence with your bodies wisdom

Knowing you are here not to fix anything but have self mastery over your emotions.

To ride the waves well and ride it~ With steadfastness and deep faith.

Knowing you cannot do this human life on your own .
We need each other.

Sovereign leadership is full body, heart and soul led.

It is trusting the wisdom of the body .

Let me show you how I’ve reclaimed my sovereign self.

Through deeply listening to my body

Allowing her to speak, allowing her to lead me, show me, move me, trusting her depths and her cries . Her joys. The whole universe is here. In our bodies. She knows. And she knows so well. The mystery. The magic. The bliss and profound healing possible for each other and our Mother Earth.

Healing ourselves. Heals Mother Earth.

This is my devotional path.

And I’d love to support you in ALL of it.

I’ve done it through healing my inner child through my divorce

AND co-parenting with ease
and compassion

through owning all my psychic gifts and abilities

through reconnecting to my galactic family and spiritual support and ascended masters that have always been there with me

through owning the dark places within and my wounds and traumas that gave me the tenacity to grow and live fully the life I live right now. ( in a home I love, doing the thing I so love, rescuing animals, making a difference in the world. Having love and compassion for my ex because he too is human.)AND learning to Be at peace in chaos during these times

through losing so much, loved ones through death, my childhood to abuse but loving anyway.
~through honoring the sacred in me and choosing me over and over again.

The path of God-self is LOVE. LOVE is the way.

In the mystery school we dive deep into all that lies deep, hidden, mysterious and dark in your womb and body so we can learn to love it and hold it with tenderness.

In the mystery school we unearth your brilliance, the magic within you, the power and healing abilities, that you may not have even have realized is possible

In the mystery school you remember who you are.

The activations help you to remember what is possible.

What is true within.

What is available.

Join me as you heal your ancestors and reclaim your sovereign power! And be of great service to the earth!

If you are feeling a nudge to dive into this 1:1 container with me book a call below